Use us to find your next challenge in the publishing and media industry – in print or digital.
Whether you work with print or digital: we are personnel pros with many years of experience in the media industry. We can find qualified specialists and managers for you.

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We are a professional personnel consulting company with many years of expertise in the media industry, in both the print and digital fields. You can use us to find specialists and managers with proven competencies. We fill your job openings with a perfect fit, in a timely manner and with all the necessary discretion.

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Are you looking for a new challenge in the media industry?

We are familiar with the developments at media companies, and we can help you discover your next challenge. Use our network and our proven expertise in the media environment.

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We can help put your company back on track.

We bring a breath of fresh air into your company. Work with us to design your change process and your strategic market alignment. We can advise you in the areas of sales, marketing and personnel development.

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